What inspires me

This is a friend of mine; Caleb Harcus.  He is an also looking at stem cell treatment. Caleb is an ‘Incomplete Quadriplegic’ & features on the 3rd Degree documentary on November the 12th looking at Stemcells being used with spinal injuries. As you will see this is based on a recent breakthrough using this treatment on a patient in Poland.

Caleb 1


This is Roxane Beygi speaking at the Vatican adult stem cell conference.
Roxane had a transplant with Dr Burt in Chicago

This is Kirsty Cruise from the Gold Coast in Australia who had her transplant in Moscow, Russia.Follow her story filmed by 60 minutes Australia & showed throughout the world.<

A major inspiration for me is of Cannon Andrew White – also known as ‘Vicar of Baghdad’.
Andrew also suffers from MS but this does not stop him in his VERY important work in Iraq.</div

This is Nick Vujicic on Oprah, So inspiring! Everyone should see this.

This is Dr. Caroline Leaf speaking at Shoreline Shine, Austin Texas in 2011  on ” Toxic Thinking”.  Caroline’s teaching & Coaching has been soooo helpful for me as I learn how to train my mind by eliminating & monitoring whats going on in – so beneficial! I HIGHLY recommend everyone engages in this.

This is my dear friend Carmel Turner from Australia. She is a big inspiration having being through the transplant herself – she was the first one to have a transplant in Australia.To check out her webpage click HERE


14 year old Cam is amazing & has an incredible attitude! – “I’m Blind but it does NOT define who I am”
Great News! The talented Cam Dawson took second place in the solo/duo section in last Saturday’s finals of Smokefreerockquest in Auckland.
 Click HERE to watch the documentary “Attitude TV’ produced.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.50.41 pm

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