11th June: REHAB

I am now in Nelson Hospital in isolation & about to embark on Rehab.

Its sooo good to be home in Nelson, around familiar surrondings & seeing all my wonderful friends (that aren’t sick).

Unfortunately I don’t have reliable wifi access here so not sure how much I’ll be able to update this blog.



The Final Day!!!


What a relief to have the jail band off or as they call it ‘my rolex’ – yeah right!




The room – my life in 28 days…

High Temperatures



Mild phenomena

Stemmies Transplanted!!!

Hospital HIGHLY overcooked food

Really ugly pyjamas – peach is defintley NOT my colour;)


Amazing doctors & nurses

Lots of new friends made






One of my amazing nurse friend Penny & I huddled up under the freezing aircon in our apartment. (I still have to be in an 18deg temp, seems sooo wrong!).

It was sad to say ‘see you again soon’ to such an incredible inspiration throughout this journey in Singapore.

















28th May: 21 days…



Wow can’t believe it I have manages to do 21 days in isolation!


Most of it incredibly sick on high dose Chemo – SLEEPING, vomiting & more sleeping.





Special Family Times


During the last 2 weeks I have had my Dad here to visit.


While he was here I didn’t see much of my sister – now I know why! Thank you Febs you are amazing!


21 May: How its going

A note from my amazing sister


The last 36 hours have been a reminder of how rough this treatment is. It was expected this would be the hard part for Becks, but it’s still a fight to stay calm when it becomes a reality. The staff and nurses at the hospital however are pretty amazing, and we are confident with Becks in their care.

To recap and expand on where we are in the treatment: Becks is currently in isolation for the second part of the process (the actual transplant), followed by a recovery period. With transplant day labelled as ‘Day 0’, here’s the outline of this stay:

Day -6: Admission, line inserted ready for chemotherapy
Day -5: to Day -2: Four days of chemo to wipe out the immune system
Day -1: Rest Day
Day 0: Transplant day to insert new stem cells (and Dad arrived, woo!)
Day 0-10/12: High risk period due to having a low blood count and no immune system, all precautions taken to avoid risk of infection. Expected that side effects hit from day 3 or 4. Body expected to strengthen from second week
Day 7-14: One in ten chance of an MS flare up for a week
Day 14-21: Discharge expected within this time depending on recovery

We have just started Day 7.
Becks has had the expected side effects – intermittent fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and mouth sores. This has meant a lot of lying with a few ice packs on her body and a paper bag always by her side. She has been given lots of medication to help subside the effects, and sedatives also. For a couple of days she couldn’t hold any food or liquid down, so would suck ice cubes when she could. She has started back on soft, bland foods since though.

The unexpected bumps – two nights ago she was running a fever and as part of this experienced convulsions. Then yesterday she was given a platelet transfusion (because her bloods were too low), but unfortunately had a reaction and experienced shortness of breath. From what we understand Becks had also contracted an infection of some sort (we’re still waiting for clarification around this), but they caught it early and put her on antibiotics and oxygen straight away. As I mentioned before, she’s being well looked after and closely monitored.

So, all in all, a predicted storm. However, we know that we’re supported by so many family and friends back home and around the world, as well as friends and the church we are connected to here in Singapore. Most of all we know we are in the hands of an almighty God, and he will not fail us.

Thank you for your continued love and support, it means so much to us!


The Awaited Day


The special vessel vessel that contained my stemmies.






Me sedated on a very emotional day.







A gorgeous cake from ‘Awfully Chocolate’, even though I didn’t get to partake it was great seeing my dad, sister, friends & staff gratefully enjoying it.






My honorary guests; dad, sister Febs, Gracie & Kelly in party mode,









12th May: The Chemo is Finished

What a Relief!


I cannot explain what a relief it was to see the ‘purple bag’ removed after 4 days of high dose chemo.






The side effects were absolutely horrible but I knew I had to persevere to rid myself of the old ‘ms attacking’ immune system and prepare the way for my transplant.

I take my hat off to everyone else that has also had to undergo this treatment!

Friday 8th May: #Phase 2 begins


Part 2 – 21 days in Isolation

Today I was admitted back into hospital this time for the Transplant Phase but this time into my room for 21 days!


A line was inserted into a main vein under my collar bone.

On the way to & from the operating theatre I couldn’t help but enjoy the heat, smells & noises; this is it for 21 days Becks!






9th May.  Me in my bed receiving the first of four days of chemo (triple the dose this time plus another one) with all my entertainment around me – thank the Lord for wifi!

And of course LOADS of anti nausea meds!!!

i was delighted by my meeting with the nutritionist today, yay I only have to be on a nutrapenic diet for 3 months starting from the Transplant this Thursday! Bring on the 14th of August…

To be honest as hard as this is; physically & emotionally I am putting on my hat of DETERMINATION





10th May;  ok this is getting brutal!!! Violent vomiting, hardly any sleep but yay I just finished day 2 of full on chemo.  Half way there until transplant on Thursday – thank you Lord!!!

And I take comfort in the above scripture amount others.