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Talk about MILESTONES …


The last 2 months sure have consisted of a number of incredible mile stones…





13th May – 12month MRI scan


After having had so many of these & having been through the transplant this was sooo easy! I was so excited  we even forgot to put ear plugs in – I very quickly realised though!

Once again we had issues with not being able to access a vein, this time my Portacath for the contrast dye for the last part … But hey no worries been here a million times!

In the past I’ve slept through them but not today; I was so excited & expectant that the scan would prove what I already knew!







14th May – 1year since I had my transplant!


What an experience to reflect on, for me that day was a bit of a drugged out emotional blur…

I couldn’t believe that the day had come after 5 years of trying to be treated & my amazing Dad was arriving to visit me. Nothing like having your dad involved in the thick of it – thank you so much Dad!





While I had the privilege of receiving 6MILLION of my own good stemmies the others celebrated with me with what I understood was a really good cake!  UNFORTUNTLEY I was neutropenic & not holding down any food so had to sit back & enjoy them and the staff indulge.





14th May 2016 – PARTY TIME!!!




It was with much delight that I celebrated this milestone with lots of friends over drinks & desert at one of my favourite local Cafes Paulas Plate.

I really did get to indulge this time, although this time it was in a much more sophisticated venue!

It was precious to be able to do this with some of the amazing people I have the honour of calling my friends.

A week earlier to the day I had celebrated my 36th birthday but this indeed is my new birthday & worth celebrating so much more ha especially as turning 1 sounds a lot more youthful!








26th May – NO CHANGE!


On the 26th my Dad & I met with my amazing neurologist & guess what there was no New lesions/advancement reported on my latest MRI scan!

Not a suprise to me esp as I haven’t had any relapses since Jan 2015, the majority of my symptoms have disappeared and NO NEW ONES!!!

My Nuerologist continued to say that if nothing happened during the next 2 years that I would be discharged from there services!!!

I know lots of other transplant receipents who 18+ years post the MS is still in remission, so expecting 2 years to be a piece of cake!

I will miss my annual catch up with my Nuero though!







Unbelievable that today 1 year ago I was discharged from Isolation!


High dose chemo



Blood infusion

Plasma infusion

Massive reactions


Ipod (there is an outside world)

Hardest thing I’ve ever done yet the best!

Enter – with MS

Exit – without MS





 I certainly couldn’t or wouldn’t want to have…


Done this amazing journey without my incredible lil sister & friend Phoebe!

*Flights    *Tears    *Laughter   *Special moments    * Prayers   *Never the same   *Weights     *FOOD     *She survived    *Words of encouragment










25th August: Home Sweet Home!


After 17 years of being diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis), and receiving many types of medications, finally the MS HAS BEEN STOPPED FROM PROGRESSING ANY FURTHER!!! We’ve seen complete reversal of some symptoms, significant decrease in others and even the disappearance of some old lesions (scars) on my brain – yay!

As I have had to battle this disease for soooo long there is continued damage that I live with. My body is only at the recovery process from the transplant meaning that I’m learning to adjust to life living in a wheelchair (for now at least).

I’m really appreciative of all the others who are also post having the transplant, and are helping me with the recovery journey which will be for the next 9-15 months.

A huge thank you to all the doctors and nurses at both Singapore General Hospital and Nelson Hospital for looking after me during this huge event in my life. I am so grateful for the care I have received in order for brighter things ahead. A big thank you also to friends and family (especially my amazing sister Phoebe) here and all over for your love and support – it means the world to me!

As I walk this recovery process I continue to trust the Lord & hold onto His promises knowing that He is the faithful Healer. Let the next chapter begin!


The Final Day!!!


What a relief to have the jail band off or as they call it ‘my rolex’ – yeah right!




The room – my life in 28 days…

High Temperatures



Mild phenomena

Stemmies Transplanted!!!

Hospital HIGHLY overcooked food

Really ugly pyjamas – peach is defintley NOT my colour;)


Amazing doctors & nurses

Lots of new friends made






One of my amazing nurse friend Penny & I huddled up under the freezing aircon in our apartment. (I still have to be in an 18deg temp, seems sooo wrong!).

It was sad to say ‘see you again soon’ to such an incredible inspiration throughout this journey in Singapore.