It all Began in mid August 2010 when my (previous) Landlord advised me because of a change in there circumstances they were SELLING MY HOME!





After having lived here for over 3 years I was offered first DIBS at making an offer




Following many meetings, much organising I made an offer – DECLINED (WAS’NT ENOUGH)







After lots of encouragement there was MORE homework to be undertaken, I was accepted onto the State Housing list, therefore being required to continue to look at other housing possibilities, news paper articles, being interviewed on the local radio, meeting with Labor list MP for Nelson Rachel Boyack,  A Give a little page being set up  on my behalf by a friend through the ‘Dugdale Charitable Trust’, starting a new part time job, all while exhausting every other known possibilities while accomodating open homes







I CAME TO THE REALISATION – I really needed a MIRACLE or very soon I could be homeless




After nearly 4 months, facing more closed doors I let go, I had the fundraising page taken down




AND THEN with just 3 days until the deadline sale I was told that Habitat for Humanity Nelson where considering doing a new thing & making an offer to BUY the house on my behalf – WOWSERS!!!




20th November – At 7pm of the day of the dead line sale I GOT A CALL – YES the offer by Habitat had been ACCEPTED!




In fact after just 6 people attending the open Holmes it was the only offer made!







The Sale of the House went UNCONDITIONAL in just 2 days!



While planning the house celebration/blessing organised by Habitat for the Settlement Day of  the 11th December I mentioned how I was on the State Housing list…





To everyone’s absolute surprise ‘Habitat NZ’ have an agreement with with the ministry of housing and since they had taken me off there list they help Habitat out INCLUDING categorising my home as a state house!



This means not only do I have my own Home secured for life, including further needed modifications that will be done thanks to the donations made including to the give a little page.



ASWELL as my rent dramatically being reduced to $68 per week!!! Ive been paying close to $400 per week for the last 3.5 years – THIS HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING!



During this difficult Journey it was only by Gods grace, prayer,  the support of family and friends that I got through it. This Particular scripture that I have on my fridge & I held onto throughout this whole process really is what He did for me.




As you can imagine its been the best Christmas Present ever, which keeps opening – God is sooo Faithful! It all definitely feels sooo surreal, way beyond what I could off ever imagined!

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