Friday 8th May: #Phase 2 begins


Part 2 – 21 days in Isolation

Today I was admitted back into hospital this time for the Transplant Phase but this time into my room for 21 days!


A line was inserted into a main vein under my collar bone.

On the way to & from the operating theatre I couldn’t help but enjoy the heat, smells & noises; this is it for 21 days Becks!






9th May.  Me in my bed receiving the first of four days of chemo (triple the dose this time plus another one) with all my entertainment around me – thank the Lord for wifi!

And of course LOADS of anti nausea meds!!!

i was delighted by my meeting with the nutritionist today, yay I only have to be on a nutrapenic diet for 3 months starting from the Transplant this Thursday! Bring on the 14th of August…

To be honest as hard as this is; physically & emotionally I am putting on my hat of DETERMINATION





10th May;  ok this is getting brutal!!! Violent vomiting, hardly any sleep but yay I just finished day 2 of full on chemo.  Half way there until transplant on Thursday – thank you Lord!!!

And I take comfort in the above scripture amount others.

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