03 May: Update

And it falls out.


“But the very hairs of your head are all numbered”.  Matthew 10 v 30

Status Quo – I look like a Tabby cat going bald!  Thank goodness I got it shaved off first, makes the experience a little less terrifying however not so when you find it everywhere including in your food!





18 becomes 6.

After harvesting 18 Million Stemmies and them going to the lab it turns out two thirds were BAD stemmas with a memory of MS. Yay they have been destroyed!!!

When I have conditioning (4 straight days of chemo) on the 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th this will completely elimanite all the left over ones (good & bad).

This means we have 6 million very healthy blank stemmies to be reintroduced on the 14th of May as the transplant.  The body will then engraft & multiply the new ones as I sleepover the next 7-10 days.





A lil narrative.


7 thoughts on “03 May: Update

  1. Soraya

    Becks, thankyou for a clear and intelligent explanation at such a potentially emotional time. You astound me with your bright, positive personality. What an overcomer! God bless you now and in the days ahead ❤


  2. Tania

    Becks you are lovely lovely lovely lovely. We are praying so hard for this to be everything it can possibly grow to be. Hearing you say what you are going through and what lies ahead in your treatment humbles me. I love you so much, I miss doing groceries on a Wednesday ( I feel a bit lost without it! and seeing you for a catchup. ) I wish I could bear some of this for you instead of you having to go through it all. xxxxxooooo Tania


    1. rebekahsmith12 Post author

      Thanks so much Tans! Missing you & my at home routine;) tomorrow in a months time we will be flying home! Providing everything goes to plan:) my first month being back will be me stuck at home but visitors will be more then welcome, providing they or a family member of there’s isn’t sick…
      Really looking forward to seeing you love me xxxxx


  3. Susie Costigan

    Hi becks , you’re a legend ! Good on you. Love getting your emails. Thanks. Have you been able to enjoy any of that yummy Singaporean food? Fil and I are off at the end of the week back to Kalgoorlie for three months then our big OE to UK and Europe . Probably back to NZ around December broke 😪 But full of beautiful memories I hope.😃 This weekend Fil and I tramped up to blue lake, it was hard going but amazing mountains and the lake has the purest water in the world. Hope and pray that all continues to go well with you. Lots of love Susie and Fil xxoxx


  4. Anne Stevenson


    These are the blessings I’m wishing for you
    Good health and happiness all your life through
    The pleasure of doing the work you like best
    Hours of leisure for play and for rest
    Pride in the things you’ve accomplished so far
    Wisdom to know what your goals really are
    Patience when problems arrive at your door
    Belief that still happier years are in store
    Te blessing of friends who will make your days bright
    A strong sense of humour to keep your heart light
    And always, the knowledge that God up above
    Is caring for your with His infinite love
    – Elizabeth M Gerus

    Happy birthday Rebekah
    With love from Anne S.



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