22nd April: PHASE #1 COMPLETE!

Half Way There


The last 15 days as an inpatient at SGH has brought a mixture of experiences & feelings; FATIGUE, pain, discomfort, anxiety, NAUSEA, NAUSEA, NAUSEA, hospital food, hard physio sessions, laughter, joy, MILO’S, Whittekers chocolate, suprises, visitors from NZ & OZ and wonderful new friends.






‘KOI’ iced white honey tea brought to me by  my one of my wonderful nurses Penny!






And most of all despite having a fever I harvested 18 MILLION STEM CELLS!!!




The last few days in hospital brought a significant improvement of the spacicity in my legs aswell as an increase in strength – as my Nuerologist Professor Pavanni says is a good sign of the improvement that I will experience from the transplant.




Really encouraged that I just spent 15 days in hospital, the next hospital stint will be for 21 days; in isolation, 4x The amount of chemo  & will become nutropenic but it’s time to deal with this wretched disease – whatever that takes!



 Where to from here …


During the next 2 weeks I’m enjoying staying at our apartment to rest, rejuvenate & enjoy some more time exploring.

On Thursday the 7th of May it’s my Birthday! Turning 35 I looked up the biblical meaning of the number and it is ‘HOPE’!!!







8th May Admission into Isolation (21 days) for the insertition of another line in my neck for taking of bloods

9th, 10th, 11th & 12th – Chemo

14th  Transplant – also described as my new birthday

29th May – DISCHARGE

Return to Apartment

Friday 5th June fly to Auckland

Saturday 6th June FLY HOME TO NELSON

*NB this is a plan, things could change




8 thoughts on “22nd April: PHASE #1 COMPLETE!

  1. jamie

    Rebekah, your transplant journey will definitely be a successful one! I’m so impressed by your courage & positivity! Get well soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. Linda Fox

    Hey Becks, that is fantastic about the dates, and meanings for your Birthdays…I think it always good to have Birthday weeks anyway…’cos one day isnt enough time to celebrate it!! love to you from me and Alice….xxx


  3. nikkireg

    Hey great to hear that you’re now out of SGH for a bit of ‘chill’ time. It was fantastic meeting you ‘twice’ – quite amazing how we managed to see you again the second time!! Take care and we’ll be following your journey along. Any advice/suggestions that you have, please feel free to share!! xxx


  4. nikkireg

    Hi Rebekah – I’ve got a question to ask!!! When you get into the isolation phase of the treatment (21 days) do you get your own room or are you in a ward of 4 beds or more? I was just having a look at some of the pics on the web site and it appeared they were all sharing. Is this the case for when you’re in that extreme isolation phase? Hope to hear from you soon. Stay well Nik


    1. rebekahsmith12 Post author

      Hey babe no isolation is single rooms:) hope to be flying back on the 6th June can you let Fiona know I’ll need you on the 8th onwards? Wohoo I month today & I’ll be discharged!!!


      1. nikkireg

        Hey so just to clarify this : when you are in isolation, that means you do have a single room to yourself right??


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