22nd April: Saved by the …..



Once again I had to have another line entered, this time for the heart scan I had on Monday.  You guessed it after two more failed attempts in my arm the foot once again saved the day!


The Harvest

On Tuesday I awoke to the suprising yet wonderful news that they were going to Harvest!!!  The bone pain from the injections had become intense so this was a relief to hear.






5 hours later after being attached to this very cool machine in a FREEZING cold room, they had collected 10 MILLION BEAUTIFUL STEMMIES!






On  returning to my room I quickley developed a temperature of 38.2!


Lesson learnt – even if it’s cold don’t stop drinking water




3.5+ Litres drunk VERY quickley!


Night of NO SLEEP, IV antibiotics, bloods taken, temp fluctuating between 37.8 & 38.4 = SCARY TIMES!


Be Reassured since then I have been drinking 4+ litres a day!





Harvest #2


On Wednesday I harvested again; 8 Million Stemmies in just 2 hours!!!

This was a back up incase there bad bacteria from in the once previously harvested.









12 thoughts on “22nd April: Saved by the …..

  1. Katrina Richardson

    Glad that you have loads of stemmies. Infections are nasty but often part of the course. Praying that the cause of inflection responds to ivabs. Your awesome. God bless


  2. Gayle

    You are awesome Bex! But yes drink drink drink and not just water but prayin be filled from the wellspring if life xxxx


  3. Alison

    Seems life is all about lessons, just some harder than others. Pleased you’re being looked after and told off too! Great you’re back on track, and taking care of you! Onwards and upwards on this incredible journey. Thinking of you. xx



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