17th April: Preparing for the Harvest

The Chemo Effect


To be honest the last 5 days have been really rough! Horrible nausea (luckily helped a bit by regular Iv shots), major issues with the body regulating its own Temperature – welcome to the world of hot flushes Becks:(  And worst of all uncontrollable amounts of sleep.  Quickly learnt I had to just got to go with it.

Throughout this time when awake I listened to music (yay for the new iPod!), while enjoying these two pieces made for me on the wall at the end of my bed. The wings by my good friend Claire Mitchell  and the painting done by Corena Harris for me a couple of years ago. Thank you guys!!!





I couldn’t have done this last week without the support of the incredible nurses here & most of all my lil sister Pheobe! She has been the most incredible support emotionally as well as practically doing things like taking me done to the garden some days for ice blocks & some fresh air.  Buying snacks for me & loads more. I feel so blessed to have her walking this journey with me. Thanks so much Febs!!!





And my white blood counts have increased again – as the doc says ‘we are on target’.

Yesterday they started giving me these two morning jabs. This is of the medication nuprogen which helps move my beloved stemmies from my bond marrow to my blood to prepare for harvest.

In 5 days (22nd of April), all going fine my stemmies will be harvested to then be conditioned for transplant. Eek it really is all happening, Thank you Lord!!!



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