11th April: SO IT BEGINS…

Admission Day!


10th April: 9am Admission, room ready at 4.30pm & it all begins!




I had my portacath accessed then after an hour of my amazing nurse trying to get a line into a vein she went for the foot!  With great success however it was flowing very slowly so took 30 mins to get enough blood.  I now have a line inserted until Monday morning.  In the meantime Im on a drip of fluids to hydrate me/keep the blood pumping.




This morning after a surprisingly good night sleep, despite the air conditioning being turned off for 5 hours (for maintenance) in 29deg heat.  I woke early to  nurses visits to take obs, do an echocardiogram & to my surprise a chest X-ray while still in bed!  This place is so technically advanced including the hospital band which needs to be scanned for everything (see photo  above).  Good news delivered this morning that all my blood tests taken for nearly everything you can imagine have come back normal.



What happens next …

Unfortunately due to some concerns about my existing portacath (as it won’t give blood back anymore (this isn’t new as its still used for iv meds back home) so they now won’t begin the Chemo until Monday once my new line has been put in to my chest. Better to be safe then sorry.  This means that we have been put back a few days as after I receive the chemo they will need to start the harvesting process which includes a few days of injections first. But hey any medical process involves being flexible;)  Ive waited three years to get this far so whats 2 more days!




5 thoughts on “11th April: SO IT BEGINS…

  1. nikkiregNikki

    Good attitude Rebekah – it’ll all happen, it’s just that dam patience thing we need to be blessed with! Unfortunately this is not a gift I was blessed with! Stay strong and believe!! Kia kaha.


  2. nikkireg

    Great attitude Rebekah! Patience is such a hard thing to maintain sometimes, I hope you were blessed with this gift – unfortunately I wasn’t! Stay strong and BELIEVE!!! Kia kaha


  3. Linda Fox

    Good for you Becks…shame a bout your portacath, but the nurses/doctors sound amazing..and that you are in good human hands as well as your Heavenly Father’s hands xxx Lindy lou


  4. Andrew Hunt

    keep it up Rebekah, God is so with you right now. God I pray for safety for Rebekah as she goes through this treatment and that the outcome will be better than anyone could have imagined in Jesus name amen.



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