The Twelfth Hour


3 Days to go…

After really struggling/deteriorating physically  in the last 3 months, once again I am being saved by medical intervention at the twelfth hour.

In seven days time I would have been admitted & preparing for the first dose of Chemo!

Finally the bags have begun to be packed – all two-three months worth.

Bedroom & house nearly all packed up to prepare for removal of carpet so wooden floors can be sanded & polished while I’m away – when it rains it pours!!!

Exemption on yearly income tax been given – PHEW!

Finally after three years of perseverance THIS IS IT!!!



What lays before me …

HUGE Journey ahead but I know I can do this

Part 1. Harvest of stem cells (stemmies), hoping for 3plus million

Part 2.  21 day isolation for the Transplant, know it will be tough, but hey Im getting a brand new immune system!!!

Part 3. First month at home in isolation – welcome to the land of masks, clean hands & living on a VERY strict diet

Part 4. REHAB over the Next 6-12 months

Know it will be a really tough BUT know with the help & support of family, friends and the strength from the Lord (the lover of my soul) I can do it!!!



When everything is breaking
You are left unshaken
When everything is tumbling down
You are the solid ground
Oh God you are,
All that you say you are
You never change, you never failed, you’ll never fail
Oh God you are
Faithful in all your ways
Forever You stand, forever You reign, forever remain
We shall not be shaken






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