22nd Jan: CRASH!!!

 A picture paints a thousand words


Just like that!

My Car is written off

NO ONE hurt

Audi damaged (not mine)


Lunch time entertainment on Trafalgar Street

My fault

Thank goodness for full insurance




A serious LOVE – HATE relationship


As I began this year, loving this amazing weather we are having, summer events and having family & friends stay I am yet reminded that I live with this dreadful disease.

The heat as well as the stress from lots of recent events, even though I have chosen not to worry have all contributed to another flare up of the MS.

This has meant that over the last week I have experienced a major loss in strength, a significant increase in fatigue, numbness on my left side, sharp stabbing neurological pains in my head, double & blurry vision. Not something that I was wanting at all – especially as it isn’t needed, I’ve already been accepted on to the trial!

Once again today I started on another course of prescribed steroids. As much as I LOATHE taking these & the side effects that occur I am REALLY grateful that they pick me up & stop the downward spiral the MS takes. I have also chosen to see this as training for what lays before me.




I get knocked down, but I get up again.  You’re never going to keep me down.


Despite the lets say the interesting start to the year I have had a wonderful 6+ week break, I look forward with anticipation to what this year brings (including a new car), an upcoming trip to Wellington for work, the much awaited news regarding Sydney and lots more.

In the meantime I “look to the hills from where does my help come from” (psalm 127 v 1-2), while resting in the peace that comes with knowing that I certainly am ‘Under His wing’.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phillipians 4 v 13

As the Irish rally cry says ‘”You’re never going to keep me down”!

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