3rd Oct: There is HOPE!

‘Through it all, my eyes are on you – It is well with my soul’


Sunday the 21st of September I went out with some wonderful girl friends for lunch, where to my absolute surprise the conversation lead to some amazing revelations (or you might say the light was switched on) regarding my dreams and how they can be so tangible in this next season in my life, my future (if I choose too).  I was soooooo wonderfully overwhelmed, so I drove to one of my favourite thinking spots to take some DEEP BREATHS, pray, write things down & try to figure out where to from here!!!

Little did I know what the next two weeks held for me; an incredibly hard time where my body was really weak, my strong right leg lost strength (where I had to ask for help to left my leg up stairs  esp. to get into my own front door). Mrs Independent’ had to humble herself and ask someone to get my groceries.  Struggling to move my feet when walking, numbness in my arms, hands & on my face and worse of all finding it harder to breathe.  I have heard it described as the ‘MS hug’; where your chest feels like its in your neck – its not a nice experience.

So off to Medlab I go to get my blood checked in case my body was fighting an infection, this would normally cause deterioration.  The next day to my delight I got the call there is nothing wrong, mmm whats going on??? A relapse or am I just getting worse?!?!?!  Long story short 2 doctors visits later, 2 courses of antibiotics & a course of oral steroids things have improved/are improving but still the question is ‘What is going on’? Thats been an heck of a crazy 15 days …

In the midst of it not knowing if it was a relapse or not (still dont know), my parents & I have decided that we need to pursue having the transplant privately esp. with experiencing the recent deterioration.  So the adventure continues with waiting to see if I can still get into the Sydney trial (cause who knows if that was a relapse?) but in the meantime making progress looking into another potentially viable option; Tel Aviv in Israel.

Throughout this time I have leaned on what I know will never move, be shaken or change – My Lord; the lover of my soul, the one whom Im under His wings. IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL …