29th Aug: Relapse or not?!?!!


After having a REALLY tough couple of weeks physically involving feeling like I was having a relapse, lots of falls etc. but was told that its not just my body compensating for not having any meds in me = its confused!!!


I conclude with excitement/dread that Spring starts next week – A SEASON WHERE RELAPSES ARE AT THEIR HEIGHT AS IT GETS WARMER.


I am particularly encouraged by a dream I had last Saturday night (23rd August) which has stayed clearly at the forefront of my mind.  I dreamt that I was somewhere (home, hospital who knows) & I had just been informed that the scan had showed the results we needed & therefore was being sent to Sydney!


I was then told I had 2 weeks to get there for the transplant!  I then remember saying to myself ‘wow that was an easy relapse’.


On that sunday I went to a service at the Nelson Cathedral to hear a Zambian speaker from London – his message was powerful & really spoke to me …. but thats another story:)  After the time of worship a lady got up & said that she feels she needed to share what was engraved on a piece of furniture there; ‘Be Prepared’.


I felt this was sooooo for me!  I have been feeling a sense of  urgency to finish getting the information ready & start handing it over to a friend who’s going to cover my job for me.


A complete step of faith but something I know I need to do …..