10th June: So it begins


Baseline MRI scan post finishing tysabri happened on the 10th of June & to my amazement I slept through the whole thing (if you have had one before you would appreciate how abnormal this is – ITS INCREDIBLEY LOUD!). Anyway as I suspected despite the little glimor of hope I held onto there was NO current  MS activity = the tysabri was successfully working still:(

Two weeks later (23rd June) I had to go get my eyes tested at the hospital, a check up that was due. Leading up to the appointment I had been experiencing an increase in double & blurred vision & some pain behind my eyes – while having the tests they checked my optic nerve (it was fine) however to be safe they made an appointment to see me again the following Monday… Maybe something was starting to happen??? However Monday came & the pain had gone! Dissapointed & confused I cancelled the appt.

Another two weeks later the eye pain etc. had come back aswell as symptoms such as dropping things, really struggling walking (even with the walking frame), increased lack of balance & fatigue so I contacted my Nuerologist to let her know. If things got worse I needed to advise her.

2 days later things were worsening fast including little things like struggling to roll over in bed. It was getting scary as I didn’t know how I would be hour by hour,   I had decided to stop driving – so once again I contacted my Nuerologist and she wanted to go see my gp & have blood tests done to eliminate any chance of infection. When I do get one the ms flares up like a relapse. So I called my gp, I couldn’t get an Appointment until the following afternoon.

Thursday 10th July my amazing friend took me to my gp. I couldn’t even walk properly with crutches (politely refused to use the doctors wheel chair – says it all really I’m stubborn & fiercely independent  often to my own deferment). So my friend & the nurse helped me walk in … Said it all to my gp really. He did the usual tests including the reflexes in my legs (there was none). Yip I’m having a relapse BUT we need to check my bloods first so off to medlab we go. Getting blood tests are always a bit of a nightmare but I was really thankful that they got it on the first go & not only that they came out to the car to do it! I was sooo grateful as it would of been a drama to get me in there… Now All I had to do was wait to the morning for the results:)

WAITING – something I’m getting very used too, doesn’t make it easier though!

Friday 11th July I woke with a feeling off apprehension – what was the day going to hold? I was getting worse very quickly, what will the blood tests find/show? Would I be allowed to be admitted into hospital? I had to be honest with myself I wasn’t feeling safe at home & eek my flattie was about to start doing her 4 days of evening shifts tonight, the physically most hardest part of my day – don’t worry Becks that won’t help I was trying to tell myself.

I choose to find comfort in a scripture The Lord reminded me the previous week …
‘Fear not for I am with you, be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes I will help you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand’. Isaiah 41:10


I know that whatever happens The Lord, the lover of my soul is in charge!


10.30am I get the call my blood tests are clear! Am then instructed to go to a&e ASAP. So 12 noon with thanks to a friend & her daughter I arrive & thanks to the printed emails I was told to take was quickley ushered through to be  assesed. As exhusted as I was I was soooo excited to
At 4pm I was wheeled down to the medical unit with the biggest grin on my face! Hey this is hospital training for the transplant I’m now eligible for!!!


Monday morning comes, steroids are kicking in, hopefully I’ll be discharged today & yay this afty I have an MRI scan to prove the relapse:D


What a scan the usual 30mins scan turned into 80mins!!! As they also scanned my spine & neck. I’m used to being in there but started to panic – what if they don’t let me go home today?!?!?!